Imagine taking done-for you products, created by professionals and being able to turn around and resell them for 100% profit over and over again!


All of our products come with Master Resell Rights which means you can resell these products as your own with the resell rights if you chose to. You can edit, modify, rebrand and resell as your own or leave them exactly as it and resell in minutes! You have the power to decide.


Only purchase what you want to use or sell. One time payment, sell forever. Sell with MRR rights or end product, the choice is up to you.

Welcome to your new digital realm where we are committed to effortlessly fueling your online business dreams!

Our journey into digital products started over a decade ago. As photographers by trade, we have always had a keen eye for detail. As perfectionists, we are always refining our designs to make sure that everything is easily legible and quickly understood. As network marketers, we learned how to stand out from the crowd and attract our ideal client organically. All of these skills combined to make the perfect storm and Digital Resell Masters was born!

The digital world is a fast paced world. You need to have scroll stopping, visually appealing designs that can have a high conversion rate. We specialize in branding, marketing, and simplicity. We know that content creation can be a long process and coming up with a vision can be difficult! Let us take out the work for you! Let us create your dream products that you can buy one time and resell over and over and over again!

In August of 2023 we embarked on a new adventure when a digital course that includes MRR started to really take off that teaches you digital marketing, funnel building, and automation.From there, we started developing products that were missing from the online world! Our products are meticulously crafted and created for simplicity and beauty!

Our shop started with our one-click funnels that are designed to help you sell the MRR course effortlessly. Allowing you to earn while you learn! We know the amount of time that it can take to get an entire shop up and running and we are dedicated to making the process of selling our digital products effortless. We plan to continue expanding our catalog of products with Master Resell Rights and believe in providing you with products that will help you succeed!

And most importantly, creating professional products you can be proud to represent.

Why Master Resell Rights?

We chose this path because we noticed a huge gap in the industry. While PLR products are most talked about, they didn’t allow for you to resell the resell rights to those products. After we educated ourselves on what MRR was, we knew the idea to create this type of content was exactly what we had in mind. We’ve bought our fair share of digital products over the years that left us feeling like we had wasted money and we would still have to spend so much time perfecting the designs. We set out to create new and exciting/enticing products that were designed to empower you in your business! Every product is meticulously crafted and designed with you and your future customers in mind. 🙂

Thanks for choosing us as your success partner.

We are excited to continue our journey, creating valuable products that digital entrepreneurs like yourself will be proud to represent! This is just the beginning!

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