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EARN 20% commission on MRR courses!

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Keep reading if you want more information on our affiliate program and how it works!




You must reach a minimum of $10 USD affiliate commissions before you will be paid out.

Decide if you would like to be paid via wire transfer (through WISE) or to your PayPal account. You can select this option when accessing your affiliate dashboard through


After your sign up, you'll be sent an email with your affiliate links! Follow the instructions to set up your account if you don't already have one. Then you can log into your dashboard through to track your affiliate commissions & leads. You'll be able to track how many leads you have sent to Digital Resell Masters website and if you have any conversions (sales) you'll be notified right away!


Every month on the 10th of the month, affilaite commissions are paid out to your paypal (or bank account) account provided. Share your favorite products and reep the rewards!


BONUS: Love Everytime you share your affiliate link (found in your affiliate dashboard) you'll earn 60% affiliate commissions if any of your referrals sign up for a paid plan!*

Lifetime Affiliation: The contacts you refer to Digital Resell Masters are tagged with your affiliate ID in the database.

If that contact doesn't buy anything right away but maybe comes back 6 months to a year later, you'll still earn commissions on their purchases

Become our affiliate for FREE to unlock your affiliate link.

**Simply share your affiliate link on socials or to your link in bio.

**You’ll earn a commission every time someone uses your link to make a purchase!**

**Links are cookied for life!**


Do I need a subscription to promote the affiliate program?
I am a customer and receive affiliate commissions. Will I continue to receive them even if I cancel my subscription?

Yes, participation in the affiliate program is completely independent of whether you are a customer or not.

Can we have the contact details of the contacts we have sent with our affiliate link?

Unfortunately not, as this information is strictly confidential.

Can we have the contact details of the customers who have purchased through our affiliate link?

It is possible that the email address will appear in the affiliate dashboard, in the details of each sale.

How does lifetime affiliate work?

When one of your referrals opts-in using your affiliate link, your affiliate ID remains linked to your referral's email address for life: In every email we send out to your referral, we also include your affiliate ID

( does this automatically).

Our way of tracking affiliates is more effective than simply relying on cookies alone. Since people often use different devices, the cookie might be missing if they decide to sign up to using their mobile phone, tablet, or a different computer.

However, with our way of tracking affiliates, when someone that has opted in with your affiliate link receives an email from us on a different device, your affiliate link will still be attached

(and unlike cookies, will never expires).


If you referred someone who signed up on his home computer, and one year later he receives an email on his phone while on holiday, clicks the link, and purchases the offer while using a different email address than the one he used to sign up to our email list, you will still get credit for the sale as an affiliate.

When they clicked the link, your affiliate ID was attached to it, so we know you are the affiliate who referred them to us.

How are links cookied?

Note: Our affiliate program uses the latest cookie. This means that if another affiliate were to refer the same lead with their own affiliate ID, they would get credit for the sale.

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