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The last time we did a live masterclass….. we maxed out in 10 minutes and it skyrocketed sales!

We went from 850 members to 10,000+ in 2 months!!!!!

UBC only hosts live calls open to the public once per quarter and the energy is UNMATCHED, so you do NOT want to miss it!

Here’s What’s Being Covered:





Save your spot below to join in on the best energy you have ever felt on a free masterclass and feel free to share this registration page!


Q: Will I Get Access To The Replay If I Can’t Attend Live?

A. YES, the replay will be provided when you register, whether you can attend live or not.

Q: Am I Guaranteed A Spot On The Live Call If I Register?

A. The last time we did a live masterclass….. we maxed out in 10 minutes, so I can’t guarantee that, but I will send you a reminder to hop on early when you register with my link!

Q: Will I Get To Ask Questions?

A. Because there are so many expected to be on the call, you might not get a chance to get your questions answered, but not to worry, shoot me a DM and i am happy to answer any of your questions.

Q. Are You Going To Try And Sell Me Something?

A. This is a masterclass that will deliver immense value and also tell you “All About UBC”, to do all of that, get you hyped, and then not extend an invite to you to be a part of this electrifying, money-making community would be rude, so yes you’ll be invited to join UBC but the choice is ultimately yours.

No pressure.

Q. If I Decide To Buy Ubc, Why Should I Buy From You vs. Someone Else?

A. I have been making money online since 2017 in the making money online niche and I have strategies and techniques that I use and teach that expand beyond what is taught in the course! I have exclusive bonuses – you’ll learn more about them later, but for now, just know my bonuses are what you need!

Q. I Have Been Eye-Ing UBC - Should I Buy Before The Masterclass?

A. If you plan on taking UBC and not reselling it necessarily, I’d say you can wait until after the call. However, if you plan on reselling UBC and can drum up some people who might be interested in buying, I would say ABSOLUTELY buy now and invite them to the call — one or more would probably turn into your first sales! Of course I cannot guarantee sales for you, but the previous webinar is responsible for the majority of my UBC sales.

Remember, last time there was a live call, we went from 850 members to 10,000+ in just 2 months! The momentum and energy that come from live calls is unmatched!

If you want to buy now you can CLICK HERE to sign up!

Otherwise, save your spot below and see you on the call!

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